“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver


Life is short. We spend much of it at work. You can thrive where you are. Right now. In the 9-5 you already inhabit.

Wild Monday helps professionals and their teams to:
  • Reduce stress and live well
  • Change the way they respond to stressful events
  • Be proactive in managing their work
  • Improve their working relationships
  • Create a great place to work
  • Empower their teams to make the changes needed

Training and coaching for resilience and resourcefulness in the workplace


Through one-to-one executive coaching, we help you identify the essential things from the many to identify where you can make the largest impact and regain your sense of enjoyment of life and work.

1 TO 1

We focus on improving the way in which teams work together, so they can focus on the key things that produce results. We promise there will be no group hugs, no chants.


A training programme for managers and their teams to transform their resilience, resourcefulness and productivity. Helping organisations provide a great place to work, with resilient, empowered people.


What people say

I like having the training from a doctor. It was useful to get the perspective of another profession, and it gave our discussions weight. On some other courses the psychology can seem gimmicky.

Team Leader, City and Guilds

Interesting and insightful on all levels – work and personal

Senior Manager

Helpful to talk?