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We reserve discounted tickets to our events and early access to our insight papers for those in the Wild Monday Collective. But the Wild Monday Collective is so much more.

Making the decision that your life is worth investing in, that your 9-5 (or perhaps your 6am-11pm) is precious and that you can work hard, rest and recover and withstand the waves of life is one that deserves support and encouragement. The journey is not a straight line and people tell us that being supported by a community of people all trying to live well using the Wild Monday principles makes all the difference in the world.

As a member you will:

  • Access the Wild Monday Collective toolkit, throughout the year and be the first to receive insight papers as they appear
  • Receive invitations to our private Wild Monday Collective events – including a very very special 36-hour retreat in 2019
  • Join a private facebook group where you can pose questions of Dr Rachel Morris and draw on the support of the Wild Monday Collective members, committed to living their life well
  • Be able to claim a free Lunch & Learn session from Wild Monday for your team or organisation – in person if you are within 15 miles of Cambridge or in central London and via video conference if not

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