the shapes programme
Resilient, high performing organisations

Stop making ‘not being stressed’ another item on your team’s already overwhelming to do list.

Start building a resilient organisation full of people who are good at solving problems for themselves.

The Shapes Programme creates a winning combination of resilient people and workplace culture in which people thrive

For organistations with multiple, conflicting pressures and a high proportion of knowledge workers, chosen for their technical skill.

The Shapes Programme is:

  • a breakthrough programme that gets to the heart of resilience
  • an ongoing manager’s toolkit and supervision programme to embed change deeply

The Shapes Programme delivers:

  • robust people who know how to positively manage their own workload and relationships
  • a workplace culture in which resilient people feel able to make a huge contribution

The Shapes Toolkit

We use seven shapes to anchor key skills and provide a shared language for breaking through difficult situations with ease.

the drama triangle
in the corner
the coaching pentagon
the stressors hexagon
the vortex
the prioritisation grid
the zone of power

These 7 shapes provide the tools and mindset to help you and your colleagues to thrive

How The Shapes Programme Works

We’ll help your people to be resilient, teach your managers to create a resilience environment and train ‘trainers’ to roll out wider interventions across your organisation.

  • The Shapes Workshop

    A one day workshop on personal resilience for all members of an organisation
  • The Manager Workshop

    A two day intensive workshop introducing managers to the Shapes Toolkit
  • Manager Supervision

    A programme of six online group supervisions over six months to support managers in using the shapes toolkit with people in their team.
  • Manager Toolkit and Resources

    Detailed learning materials and online resources to support the workshop and supervisions and working directly with team members
  • Train The Trainer Workshop

    A webinar to train participants to run effective and safe groups with their teams based on the Shapes Toolkit.
  • Train The Trainer Supervision

    4 x Group Supervisions to support participants in running resilience groups.
  • Train The Trainer Resources

    Learning resources and canvases for the shapes to guide participants in delivering resilience groups.
  • Level 1

  • individuals

  • yes
  • Level 2

  • managers

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Level 3

  • train the

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes

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