team coaching
work and perform well together

Is your team full of highly skilled people who have the ability to do the job well but don’t seem to be firing on all cylinders?

Often team relationships, behaviour and workload get in the way of productivity and performance.
By focussing on building trust, encouraging healthy debate, and increasing accountability, we help your team to be more proactive, give better feedback to each other, and recognise the things that trigger an unhelpful response to stress.
We promise that there will be no group hugs, no chants, no role play.
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How does team coaching work?

Exploration: We will arrange to have an initial exploratory meeting with you to find out what your team needs, what the desired outcomes are and the organisation requires of the coaching

Discovery: We will interview team members and also ask the team to complete an online Team Performance Questionnaire to get a birds eye view of what is going on for the team.

Design: Following further discussion with the team leaders, we will design a bespoke programme based on the core needs of the team

Delivery: We will deliver three to four team coaching sessions, ideally four to six weeks apart.

What people say

I like having the training from a doctor. It was useful to get the perspective of another profession, and it gave our discussions weight. On some other courses the psychology can seem gimmicky.


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