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Knowledge-based or professional services organisations operate under high stress, often required to deliver more and of higher quality with diminishing resources.

We create resilient people and craft the organisational conditions for them to thrive, even in the most challenging of working environments.

Our programme focuses on empowering employees to manage their workload and change their reaction to stressful events, developing managers to create a supportive environment and changing the mindset of teams to be proactive and resourceful.

HR and L&D leads work with Wild Monday for three main reasons

Their organisation has recently undergone a lot of change, and it’s not finished yet. Their people have become negative, introspective and reactionary. They are struggling to cope with the changes and are stuck in a bit of a victim mentality.

People are struggling with their workload – working longer and harder just to get things done. Managers are stuck in meetings all day, there is no time for 1:1s, or for strategic thinking and teams are becoming fragmented and disillusioned.

Productivity is down. They have noticed increasing levels of stress, absenteeism and presenteeism where people are physically present but are so overwhelmed that they are not productive.

Our programmes are specifically designed for professional services and knowledge based organisations including law, medicine, publishing and academia where:

Individuals are often highly conscientious and have high expectations of themselves and others.

Working in this type of organisation often requires lots of detail and carrying significant risk and the value of time is very high, from billable hours to clinic waiting times.

People are not willing to take time out of their day to attend workshops that are not exceptionally well facilitated, based on solid empirical evidence and with a strong track record of results.

Wild Monday is specifically focused on development for this type of person

We’re founded and directed by a GP.

Every element of our programme is based on on the most reliable and complete academic evidence about what creates resilience in the workplace.

Facilitators are chosen fastidiously for their deep experience in working with high knowledge, high paced workplaces.

Is it cost effective?

Workplace health initiatives have been proven to give a between 2x and 34x return on investment (source British Heart Foundation, Health at Work).

Through the Shapes Programme Wild Monday can maximise this ROI through combining workplace health and wellbeing with proven productivity and coaching tools meaning that teams have reported a transformation in the way they work.

What people say

The techniques and tools I learnt have given me the confidence to coach my team in the right way, it has been a real mind-set shift for me.


This training should be mandatory – especially for anyone who is moving to a different level of management.

Claire, Senior Commissioning Manager

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Work with us to build a resilient organisation where people break through rather than break down.